Company Introduction
Company Overview
Company Overview

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, which consists of metal decoration, PVC-free pellet production and crown caps production, is a professional crown cap manufacture enterprise. Now it has three wholly owned subsidiaries (that is: Wuhan Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Changchun Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd, Deqing County H&S Sealing Material Co.,Ltd). The company has a total registered capital 103.5 million Yuan (RMB), total area 175 mu, existing staff 410 people, theoretical production capacity of 21.6 billion crown caps per year, printing and coating capacity 50000 tons, and PVC-free pellet production capacity 8640 tons per year.

Zhejiang Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd
Changchun Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd
Wuhan Xinye Packing Co.,Ltd
Benefit By Management

The company’s technical force is abundant, and it has a number of highly qualified engineering and management personnel, together with a team of excellent technical, skilled operating workers. The production technology is advanced, together with its complete technical system for production. It also has advanced quality detection methods to test equipment functionality, and microcomputer control cap instantaneous pressure testing equipment; In order to ensure the quality of the product to provide a reliable guarantee, in November of 2000, the company obtained ISO9002 quality system certification, and further in December 2002, it passed the ISO9001:2000 certification; On August 16 of 2010, it passed the HACCP-EC-01:2005 food safety management system certification; The company continuously strengthened its internal management, set up internal and external training for employees on a regular basis, consistently improved the management level in order to gradually improve the company "5 s" management system. Aiming at high quality of its products, the company conduct every task following its working standards.

Development Path
development path
  • 2013

    In August of 2013, the company invested 18 million yuan in Wuhan Xinye Packing Co., LTD for the implementation of its third phase expansion project, which constructed new workshop of 24000 square meters

  • 2012

    In January of 2012, the company invested 10 million in acquisition of Deqing County Shili Light Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD in Linhang Industial Park at Deqing County, to form Deqing County H&S Sealing Material Co., LTD. Moreover, the company purchased an automatic batching system of twin-screw automatic PE pellet production line. With the expansion of the sales and needs for new product development, the company further added a stripe of underwater pelletizing automatic twin-screw PE pellet production line, which has a current PE pellet production capacity of 8640 tons per year.

  • 2012

    In 2012 at Anji County, the company took over 46mu land to implement expansion technical transformation project, which constructed new workshop and infrastructure for more than 38000 square meters

  • 2011

    In July of 2011, the company Invested 20 million Yuan in order to implement technical transformation projects, which further improved the automation and productivity of its equipment

  • 2010

    In May of 2010, Wuhan Xinye Packing Co., LTD completed its second phase expansion project,which built a standard workshop with indoor air cleanliness reaching hundreds of purification level. This project provided reliable guarantees for the product quality of sterile caps

  • 2008

    In 2008 at Changchun Helong Industrial Park, the company took over 30 mu land to establish Changchun Xinye Packing Co., LTD,with annual production capacity of 4.1 billion pieces. It was formally put into production at the end of March 2009.

  • 2006

    In 2006, the company invested 42million Yuan to take over 100 mu land in order to construct a modern manufactory building, establishing Wuhan Xinye Packing Co., LTD. The company also purchased a PTC027 - PMC300 high-speed automatic production line for the crown cap from Italy SACMI and two two-color printing lines from UK CRABTREE. It also performed the technical innovation to the company's printing workshop and technical workshop in Hangzhou. And at the same time, it also set up the printing workshop in Wuhan Xinye packing co., LTD

  • 2005

    In 2005, the company invested 8.83 million Yuan on acquisition of production operational assets of Zhejiang Beer Cap Industrial Co., LTD, setting up the company’s second production area of Hangzhou

  • 2002

    In 2002, the company invested more than 10 million Yuan in mergers and acquisition on former the largest lid manufacturer production operational assets in Huazhong area, and established the Wuhan branch, creating a precedent of the cap industry mergers and acquisitions

Development Path
development path